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My fitness goal is to restore my health, one meal, one exercise session and one good night of sleep at a time. As an organize addicted personality type I'm not saying I don't lay out my workouts for months or weeks at a time. I'm saying once I've made the plans all I have to do make one healthy decision for every opportunity I'm presented that involves eating, moving and sleeping... YES sleep. We'll be exploring this more in 2016. Right now my focus is on finishing this final fall semester of undergraduate studies and LOVING MY RESULTS... a Yellow Ribbon Reads book in my obesity awareness series. 

This is not going to happen over night, and once it does I have new goals and milestones to celebrate to encourage me to maintain a healthy waist circumference. Friends who have encountered weight management issues for at least five years tell me and I agree losing the weight is easy but keeping it off is not. Instead of a speedy reduction I'm planning on a steady BALANCED lifestyle focused on making healthy choices. From 2011 to March 2016 I replaced one bad habit with a new good one each month and paid attention to how my body responded to different foods. I may have lost slower than I use to in the past or but instead of just focusing on the speed of weight loss, I'm focusing on a healthy lifestyle that will keep me at a healthy weight for life. 

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Take Back Control FlashBack Friday Post

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You are in control of your body, mind, and emotions. Despite the last few months, years or decades you have the might within you to stop emotional eating. Take control of your life and move forward as a whole person. You have a million and one reasons for you to believe you don't have to continue as an unhealthy person.

Take control over your emotions by allowing yourself to feel the good, bad, ugly and in between.

Take control over your finances by learning how to shop smart and healthy. Buying in season freggies and frequenting local farmer's markets helps control spending. If you’re food bill is high because you enjoy lots of fresh wheat grass, organic greens and herbs consider gardening.

Take control over your fitness. Find life loving reasons not to give up on your self. Explore indoor and outdoor activities to find something active at least thirty minutes every day. Illness and disease don’t take breaks exploring how to live a healthy lifestyle can’t either.

Take control over your spiritual wellness. It’s hard to live out your purpose on earth when you are out of shape, sick and dying before your time. For me that means reading, studying and asking God for ways to apply what I read in the bible.  

Take control over your emotions. You can feel without allowing your feelings to control you. I make decisions based on the leading of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom that comes with learning lessons God wants to teach me. Losing weight and reversing high blood pressure started with accepting that He has given me the ability to be in control of my health, starting with living a balanced life in activity and eating habits.

Originally Posted in March 7th and 9th in 2011.
New post will resume once my final book in the Yellow Ribbon Reads Collection of the Wholeness Series is completed... Did I mention the book follows cousins overcoming obesity.

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Going to the Gym and Walking Thru Parks Makes me Want to Carlton

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Have you found the fitness habits and lifestyle that make you want to do the Carlton?
If not you may be where I was when I used to attempt to join mix gender group fitness classes.
Going nowhere fast. 

What I learned after twenty years since I graduated high school is I still love weight training
and I always will as my form of strength training. 
Walking outside in fall or spring weather and on an elliptical
(You can KEEP your treadmill thank you) 
is my cardiovascular happiness. Elliptical is preferred because then I can read while I walk.

So yes I am absolutely ECSTATIC when I walk for cardio
and super PUMPED (pun intended) when I am pushing weight. 
Although I don't enjoy most mixed group fitness classes I do love 
dancing and will get down in a safe Flirty Girl or other fitness group class 
that is NOT Zumba... just not nor have I ever been a Zumba fan. 

One of the areas I have to work to incorporate into my exercise is flexibility.
Pilates is my preference for this but I am slowly coming around to hoping I'll be enjoying yoga DVDs in the privacy of my home of course.  I'll let you know how this works. 
Have you ever wanted to find the activity you can stick with for overall health?

Get out there and try things out. 
Find out of you're an introvert or an extrovert. 
Discover what you'd do for hours that makes you sweat and feel exhilarated?
Despite countless injuries, financial hiccups, time constraints, life challenges, family reconstructions
and every other obstacle I never imagined the one thing I've never done is stop desiring to live a healthy lifestyle. 

And neither should you. Don't worry about losing the weight... focus on adding good healthy habits, a better quality of life and caring for yourself to your priority list one healthy decision at a time. 

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Cathe Friedrich Total TriSets Flash Back Fitness Friday Timeless Video Edition

Friday, September 23, 2016 / Leave a Comment

Let's talk about the way this amazing video tones, shapes and conditions your body
without unnecessary and joint jarring jumps, hops or skips. 

This series is one of my favorite exercise series of all time. 
As I re up my gains I'm excited about being able to restore
my health to the place where I can do all of my Cathe videos again.... 
Total Body Trisets has an amazing breakdown of mini videos. 
You can do only upper body, only lower body
or a mini total body. 

If you're into strength training and or need a more challenging strength
training video for total body check this one out. 
You won't be disappointed. 

Stay hydrated. 
Sleep well. 
Healthy is Haute!

Sidenote... AFAA Certification has been officially accepted
and I'll receive my physical paperwork in a few weeks. 
Super excited about all of the fun things I'm planning as I continue
to build my healthy living education. 
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Fighting Post Holiday SELF Fat Shaming

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Cheat Meals. 
Cheat day. 
Treat Meal. 
Treat day. 
80/20 rule.
Absolute Rule. 
Atkins Diet
Carbohydrate addict (think I just showed my age)
South Beach
Blood Type Diet
High Fat/Low Protein...
Body Shape Menu

Holidays and special occasions aren't included right...
Well, if not I'm gonna beat myself up and VOW to never eat
all that meat,
so much fat,
the chips,
drink the soda,
the alcohol...
Don't I deserve... 

The TRUTH!!!!
Yes you deserve the truth. 
Has been years since I beat myself up over what I ate
on a holiday. 
But if I were to go to IG, Twitter, FB
and even snapchat (which I deleted)
right now I'd see someone bemoaning their
holiday menu selections. 

Go to the mirror and do this... just say...

Then be honest with yourself about what you're going to do
and take it easy on yourself. 
If being cut up  and ripped with a certain body fat percentage 
is your health goal in life... 
Newsflash... you won't be able to eat all of the yummy
gooey, crunchy, salty, sugar laden things you like
nor too much of the naturally fat and other delicious foods. 

People with those bodies have either GREAT genetics OR
a great, massive heap of discipline... and extra ribs every holiday 
isn't part of that with a side of sugary baked beans and heaps and heaps
of cakes, cookies and brownies. 

If your goal is healthy numbers on the labs at your doctor's office 
without looking like someone off the front of Women's Health
or from a women's body building competition... relax. 
Ladies our bodies go through so many different phases, weights,
water composition, and changes over the course of 28 days... 
that deserves a blogpost by itself. 

Bottomline is we can't out exercise consistently unhealthy eating habits. 
But if you've taken the time to get to know what your body likes and hates
and changed your eating habits accordingly... having an extra plate one of the 
10 holidays out of 365 days of the year is no big deal. 

Mainstream media, magazines, youtube, instagram
and every other Western platform has beholden to a certain
standard of beauty for the last 75 years... but it has nothing to do with HEALTH. 
Consider how unhealthy the stress of feeling guilty for eating
whatever you ate for one day is not helping and then
grab a bottle of water... take a walk around the block...
color in your adult coloring book or
one of my favorites... 
watch one of your fave comedians on Netflix. 

Beating yourself up or fat shaming yourself for what you ate on Labor Day
is unproductive and has a negative impact on your mental health. 
If you don't like your lifestyle habits...
decide you're going to get to know what your body likes
and doesn't like then learn how to eat what tastes and is good for your body

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Recertification Requirements DONE

Friday, September 2, 2016 / Leave a Comment

Since September 2012 and happy to continue learning. 
Between completing my goals for my professional studies
I've been slowly completing my fitness learning goals as well. 
So now in addition to receiving my 

AFAA Group Exercise Instructor Certification
I completed studies at my local community college
in Community Health, Personal Health and Wellness,
Weight Training and Basketball

In September 2014 I completed FuzeCraze at the last APEX
I've also completed two additional
Group resistance trainings
Exercise Sequencing
Circuit Training

 So now all that's left is HeartSaver CPR.
Next stop is dropping the recertification packet in the mail.
While I'm sure I could blog without having a certification
for me being able to offer you informed posts is important. 

Thanks for reading...
and I hope you're achieving all of your healthy living goals. 

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Ode to ACV Apple Cider Vinegar Blessed ME

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 / Leave a Comment

You mean so very much to me.
Your praises are prevalent on the net. 
Having you in the fridge is a sure bet. 

For foot soaks and hair rinses you're divine. 
Your attributes are truly sublime. 
I also have found after a good lifting session. 
Your DOMS relief is such a blessing!

My shoulders, arms and back are no longer on fire.
Because you're so amazing I am a faithful buyer.
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