She Lifts and She Loves It

Did my 531 max measurements today. LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. I have to do seated leg angle press instead of squats but the results are the same. During my studies at Georgia Perimeter College I took weight lifting and this program was the curriculum. Lifting heavy is my favorite part of my fitness regimen. I'd only lift if I could... to be honest.  

Keep the cardio fun and quick or you will lose me.  However I have discovered long term ways to get my cardio in because I enjoy having healthy blood pressure numbers.  Being able to touch my toes and do other things as an older adult has also helped me commit to making time for flexibility in my life so between pilates and athletic stretches I'm getting my fitness life together. 

Spontaneity doesn't add spice to my life so I have completed the workout plan for the remainder of 2015. Gonna be fun and an adventure... a well mapped out adventure but an adventure nonetheless. 

In addition to posting progress and sharing this my haute health journey, research and goals I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to share your journey too. This isn't about being sexy, fine, or slim. The numbers I focus on can't be seen without seeing my doctor. Health is what matters. 

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