Cathe Friedrich Total TriSets Flash Back Fitness Friday Timeless Video Edition

Let's talk about the way this amazing video tones, shapes and conditions your body
without unnecessary and joint jarring jumps, hops or skips. 

This series is one of my favorite exercise series of all time. 
As I re up my gains I'm excited about being able to restore
my health to the place where I can do all of my Cathe videos again.... 
Total Body Trisets has an amazing breakdown of mini videos. 
You can do only upper body, only lower body
or a mini total body. 

If you're into strength training and or need a more challenging strength
training video for total body check this one out. 
You won't be disappointed. 

Stay hydrated. 
Sleep well. 
Healthy is Haute!

Sidenote... AFAA Certification has been officially accepted
and I'll receive my physical paperwork in a few weeks. 
Super excited about all of the fun things I'm planning as I continue
to build my healthy living education. 

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