Take Back Control FlashBack Friday Post

You are in control of your body, mind, and emotions. Despite the last few months, years or decades you have the might within you to stop emotional eating. Take control of your life and move forward as a whole person. You have a million and one reasons for you to believe you don't have to continue as an unhealthy person.

Take control over your emotions by allowing yourself to feel the good, bad, ugly and in between.

Take control over your finances by learning how to shop smart and healthy. Buying in season freggies and frequenting local farmer's markets helps control spending. If you’re food bill is high because you enjoy lots of fresh wheat grass, organic greens and herbs consider gardening.

Take control over your fitness. Find life loving reasons not to give up on your self. Explore indoor and outdoor activities to find something active at least thirty minutes every day. Illness and disease don’t take breaks exploring how to live a healthy lifestyle can’t either.

Take control over your spiritual wellness. It’s hard to live out your purpose on earth when you are out of shape, sick and dying before your time. For me that means reading, studying and asking God for ways to apply what I read in the bible.  

Take control over your emotions. You can feel without allowing your feelings to control you. I make decisions based on the leading of the Holy Spirit and the wisdom that comes with learning lessons God wants to teach me. Losing weight and reversing high blood pressure started with accepting that He has given me the ability to be in control of my health, starting with living a balanced life in activity and eating habits.

Originally Posted in March 7th and 9th in 2011.
New post will resume once my final book in the Yellow Ribbon Reads Collection of the Wholeness Series is completed... Did I mention the book follows cousins overcoming obesity.

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