From Fitness to Lifestyle Focused

My fitness goal is to restore my health, one meal, one exercise session and one good night of sleep at a time. As an organize addicted personality type I'm not saying I don't lay out my workouts for months or weeks at a time. I'm saying once I've made the plans all I have to do make one healthy decision for every opportunity I'm presented that involves eating, moving and sleeping... YES sleep. We'll be exploring this more in 2016. Right now my focus is on finishing this final fall semester of undergraduate studies and LOVING MY RESULTS... a Yellow Ribbon Reads book in my obesity awareness series. 

This is not going to happen over night, and once it does I have new goals and milestones to celebrate to encourage me to maintain a healthy waist circumference. Friends who have encountered weight management issues for at least five years tell me and I agree losing the weight is easy but keeping it off is not. Instead of a speedy reduction I'm planning on a steady BALANCED lifestyle focused on making healthy choices. From 2011 to March 2016 I replaced one bad habit with a new good one each month and paid attention to how my body responded to different foods. I may have lost slower than I use to in the past or but instead of just focusing on the speed of weight loss, I'm focusing on a healthy lifestyle that will keep me at a healthy weight for life. 

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