Fitness Friday : Sugar vs Shawneda and Daily Burn True Beginner

Update: Shawneda vs Sugar

Nothing in the world would me me happier than to tell you I've conquered the evil addition to man made sugar. But I'd be lying. Truth is I've been fighting the compounded stress of three major life events. 
  • Relocating from the Deep South to Western Pennsylvania
  • Beginning a new full time job
  • Starting graduate school

Add on my never ending, and I do mean never ending love affair with writing books, blogs and my mobile app and you can say I've been pressed. Just a bit. I've long abandoned the foolish attempt to live my life to fit into some box, or column on a BMI chart. All of my blood work numbers are still healthy so I'm focused on adding healthy foods to my daily plate. A major challenge to this is finding affordable healthy food in a place where pasta, bread and meat comprises the major food groups. 

Daily Burn True Beginner

Back in April while freelancing and completing my bachelor's degree, I received a "come back" and give us a try offer from Daily Burn for half off a year's subscription. I jumped on it and finally started using the programs. I've found after being responsible for making a million and three decisions all day long I love just following someone else's directions. Working out is truly something I love to do. While the exercises are VERY basic and the cueing is a bit off on some spots overall this is a perfect program for me. None of the videos are over 30 minutes so I can squeeze it in between homework after work session one, dinner, shower and homework session two... on the days I wake up and do homework before I go to the office... Homework session three. 

So there you have it. Daily Burn True beginner is a solid start from scratch or jump back in after a hiatus from exercising program. I'm gonna do it as long as it satisfies my needs. Once it doesn't I'll look into the other programs on Daily Burn. The goal is to work through everything I want to do before the half off membership expires in 2018. If I like it enough I'll extend it. If not I'll cancel and use the multiple DVDs I own. 

What's Next

Fall is my favorite season so I'm enjoying the crisper, cool air. Adjusting to the thought of moving to somewhere with snow... ON PURPOSE. I'm also gonna start something I've never done, baking dessert. Giving up all sweets is not an option. So I'm gonna explore baking without refined sugars. I'll see how well honey, bananas and apple sauce serve as sweeteners. Gonna be an adventure. 

Will definitely be an adventure. How is your 2017 haute health journey? 

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