This is Why I'm Haute

A.F.A.A. Certified... Word Addicted... Weight Lifting... Elliptical Walking....Former Emotional Eater 

During high school I dated a football player and joined our schools "Iron Mine" gym and started lifting weights with the team. We weren't meant to be but I fell in love with strength training. Twenty years later and I'm committed to my love affair with lifting, have a budding romance with pilates and solidifying my affection for low to no impact cardiovascular activity. After reaching 299 pounds at my heaviest, losing 80 and regaining 25 I'm taking it slow and committed to living a lifestyle where HEALTH is my ultimate goal.

While I respect the practice of medicine I'm not ruled by their charts. Being super thin or having ripped abs is not part of "getting haute" for me. I exercise and eat healthy to have a healthy waist circumference (lower than 35 inches), low LDL (achieved), high HDL (achieved) and healthy blood sugar (achieved).

If you're a word addict and want some BOLD INSPIRATION on the go download my app from Google or iTunes! Together we can love the bodies we live in and continue to get Haute! 


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