Monday Motivation! 6k Steps and only 130 Days of Carpe Health Remain!

Today I walked 3 miles with one of my favorite via my Roku on YouTube. 
She is one of my oldest exercise instructors outside of Billy Blanks and TaeBo back in the 90s. 
Yep. I just dated myself. Oh well. 

When I discovered the 531 plan in 2013 while taking weightlifting class at a local community college, I didn't anticipate my hair breaking off and nails becoming brittle.
 I increased my protein intake based on my body mass, 
increase in activity and anticipated fat loss...
But it wasn't enough.
 My muscles needed more protein to rebuild themselves 
and took the protein from wherever necessary. 

Weight training is still part of my regimen but I neglected my cardio and flexibility 
because the heavy lifting yielded great results. 
Inch loss and hourglass figure 
without hours of cardio... my least favorite of all exercise types.
Unless I'm doing walking or dancing.
If cardio isn't fun to me... I just won't do it.

So for the first fourteen days I'm doing walking DVDs or YouTube videos 3 to 5 miles weekdays
and at least one mile on weekends. 
Then I'll spice it up. 

My haute health lifestyle has to include cardiovascular activity, 
strength training and flexibility because if not I'm neglecting an area of exercise the body needs 
to be without disease or injury. 

April 30th I'll have completed 132 days of exercise and be ready to move into the next phase of 
My Haute Health. Feel free to join me!

Carpe Health! 132 Days of Exercise Starts TODAY

Nothing like three weeks of returning to getting to sleep to restore my health enough and reduce stress enough to restart my exercise plan. No need to jump back in like I haven't stopped. 
Building back up to weight training and heavy lifting two to three days a week in addition to cardio and flexibility is going to take time. 

Every 14 to 21 days I'll change or add variety to my repertoire. Starting today and for the next thirteen days after I'll walk at least one mile or 2000 steps of the 10,000 recommended by the Surgeon General until I work up to an average of 6000 steps or 3 miles 3 to 4 times a week. 

Join me?

My Goal NOT to Become Skinny

You read that right. I'm not interested in being skinny... at ALL!

The number on the scale motivates me about as much as the chance I'll win the lottery... and I don't buy tickets (unless the jackpot is high enough to make the news). A large part of my motivation is the cameraperson (my daughter) behind this photo, being able to look good in my clothes WITHOUT shapewear (which I don't own nor want to own) and liking the way I look naked. 

After ballooning to 299 pounds at my heaviest I found myself carrying size J shoulder boulders and more booty than I believed possible. At my smallest as an adult I weighed the maximum of the medical healthy weight chart and didn't like the way I looked naked. My boobs were flat pancakes and I'm not sure how I held anything up with the twiggy arms I had.

Continuing my love affair with weight training, I want to keep my hourglass figure, build muscle without looking "cut up" and no I'm not interested in a 6 pack. A waistline in the healthy waist circumference is my goal. So being "skinny" or what the media would like to sale as "fit" doesn't interest me. I'm more concerned with living a healthy lifestyle custom made to fit me. The foundation of the philosophy of Haute Health. Customized healthy living. I'm not against people who like being chiseled... I'm in awe of the dedication, time and disciplined eating habits required to achieve the look. 

I'm just honest about how I feel. I like my boobs and am unwilling to sacrifice them on the altar of looking like what the mainstream and social media consider being "fit" . And in all of the classes I've taken during college I've found the definition of health is the absence of disease in the body. I've achieved that despite being considered more than overweight by the medical charts. Now I'm after the goal of being the size I like, with all of the body parts I see being pleasing to me clothes on and off. I'm vain in that regard but I'm okay with it. That is part of my haute health lifestyle. 

She Lifts and She Loves It

Did my 531 max measurements today. LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. I have to do seated leg angle press instead of squats but the results are the same. During my studies at Georgia Perimeter College I took weight lifting and this program was the curriculum. Lifting heavy is my favorite part of my fitness regimen. I'd only lift if I could... to be honest.  

Keep the cardio fun and quick or you will lose me.  However I have discovered long term ways to get my cardio in because I enjoy having healthy blood pressure numbers.  Being able to touch my toes and do other things as an older adult has also helped me commit to making time for flexibility in my life so between pilates and athletic stretches I'm getting my fitness life together. 

Spontaneity doesn't add spice to my life so I have completed the workout plan for the remainder of 2015. Gonna be fun and an adventure... a well mapped out adventure but an adventure nonetheless. 

In addition to posting progress and sharing this my haute health journey, research and goals I'd love to hear from you. I'd love to share your journey too. This isn't about being sexy, fine, or slim. The numbers I focus on can't be seen without seeing my doctor. Health is what matters. 

Making Moves to Keep Moving When Life Changes

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Return to corporate America. Check.
Complete phase one of finishing college. Check. 
Keep working out.... ummm....


Well... almost. This week I'm finally able to return to exercising on a regular basis. 
No longer working a flex schedule meant my time to spend in the gym was erased. 
Keeping my weight down without being able to work out the way I prefer hasn't been easy. 
I'm thankful I haven't returned to my heaviest but I'm not at my lowest anymore. 

So now I'm able to continue what I've missed more than I could have ever imagined.
Work outs! 
Low impact of course...