Monday Motivation! 6k Steps and only 130 Days of Carpe Health Remain!

Today I walked 3 miles with one of my favorite via my Roku on YouTube. 
She is one of my oldest exercise instructors outside of Billy Blanks and TaeBo back in the 90s. 
Yep. I just dated myself. Oh well. 

When I discovered the 531 plan in 2013 while taking weightlifting class at a local community college, I didn't anticipate my hair breaking off and nails becoming brittle.
 I increased my protein intake based on my body mass, 
increase in activity and anticipated fat loss...
But it wasn't enough.
 My muscles needed more protein to rebuild themselves 
and took the protein from wherever necessary. 

Weight training is still part of my regimen but I neglected my cardio and flexibility 
because the heavy lifting yielded great results. 
Inch loss and hourglass figure 
without hours of cardio... my least favorite of all exercise types.
Unless I'm doing walking or dancing.
If cardio isn't fun to me... I just won't do it.

So for the first fourteen days I'm doing walking DVDs or YouTube videos 3 to 5 miles weekdays
and at least one mile on weekends. 
Then I'll spice it up. 

My haute health lifestyle has to include cardiovascular activity, 
strength training and flexibility because if not I'm neglecting an area of exercise the body needs 
to be without disease or injury. 

April 30th I'll have completed 132 days of exercise and be ready to move into the next phase of 
My Haute Health. Feel free to join me!

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