Monday Motivation: Ms. Carol On the Line

Sitting outside waiting for youth Sunday to end so I could continue my day I found some motivation talking to one of my former group fitness class attendees. Ms. Carol's personal trainer moved away and she wanted to know how she could "get fit" and maintain her weight loss. 

I shared my future "healthpreneur" dreams and work out plans. She confessed she needed help. 
During our discussion as I told her my desire to help people learn how to make the three components of fitness part of their lifestyle she realized she wasn't as unhealthy as she believed. 

Her weekly routine includes line dancing three times a week. Which while not on par with the 
"extreme" cardio trends most people ascribe to or attempt to enjoy the pace is in keeping with 
the surgeon general's Step It up walking recommendations.  

So now instead of trying to find a way to be fit she will continue to explore how she can find her flexibility and strength fitness activities to add to her lifestyle. While some trainers style consists of being "tough" or conforming their clients to work out what they believe is best I have a different approach. 

I believe in using positive reinforcement. Being transparent about trying and liking or disliking new fitness activities or new releases from old fitness resource providers. My to dos include completing my AFAA certification credentials to stay certified through 2018 and begin my transition to becoming an ACE Certified professional. 

While I took my daughter to church because she needs more contact with people on the weekend than I do... Ms. Carol motivated me to continue working toward my haute health goals. I'll continue to share with you here. I'm still working on Carpe Health and hope you're continuing your commitment to live fit. 

Sinuses Slowed My Steps but Not My Progress

So post a challenge to walk a minimum of 6k steps everyday and then what happens...
Get hit with a sinus infection so INTENSE you can't get out of bed or breathe.

This is what happened to my step count the last seven days. Unlike some people
who'll tell you to 

Yeah... that is some bullcrap. 
Stress and illness are taxing to your body. 
When you don't feel well unless you have a doctor's clearance
one of the best things you can do to get better is REST. 
(And for me pray. Read more about my faith here.)
So I did and the inability to breathe on Monday is 
90% resolved today without using medicine.
Tea, lots of liquids, apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract 
and most nights sleep and I'm ready to start walking once I reach 100% again.
 I project I'll reach 100% by Monday. 

My commitment to walk at least a minimum of 10k steps by April 30th hasn't ended. 
I'm just smart enough to know I have to adjust my short term habits
to reach and maintain my long term goals.
So I'll restart my minimum 6k goal as soon as I'm able to breathe at 100% again. 

I've missed my walking... sigh.