Getting Back to Me

There is no way to express how amazing it feels to be on the right track to being 
on the path to living my healthiest happiest life. 
Let me explain....
I used to live a processed sugar free lifestyle. From 1998 to 2003 in addition to 
other lifestyle habits bread, candy, soda nor fat of any kind crossed my lips. 

Then I made the WORST healthy living decision I've ever made.
I choose to value someone's opinion about what I should eat and do 
and be able to do over what I knew to be for my best.
A year and 80 pounds later I realized my mistake.
From 2005 to 2011 my weight continued to increase until I reached 299 lbs.

Thirteen years later I'm back to what I know works for me with improvements.
Instead of doing some crazy kamikaze cold turkey shift
I employed the step down method.
First I gave up bread.
Then I gave up pasta. 
While I gave up these foods I started experimenting
with squash and making veggie noodles. 
So the first time in my life I shifted to a free of processed sugar 
way of eating I didn't eat much fruit and almost no fat. 
Well the result from cutting all the fat from my plate were
flattened breasts... which I didn't want nor like. 
This time around coconut oil, avocado and healthy fats are
regulars on my plate and I like the way I look in the mirror. 

I've also returned to no juice. 
My Vitamix makes me fruit smoothies for additional protein
but other than that I only drink water (sometimes with lemon or lime)
and hot tea.  
The sugar withdrawals I experienced initially were horrendous!
But they only lasted one day instead of the three to ten days 
many people talk about online when they go cold turkey no sugar. 
Being irritable and annoying due to sugar withdrawals for that long
just seemed mean to the people I love. 

How are you doing on your healthy living journey?

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