Transformation Tuesday One Step at a Time

Didn't break these puppies out today but had the most fun
walking one of Dunwoody's beautiful parks with a friend. 
Hoped I could do the 2 miles without any pops, pains, or twinges

Countdown to the S.P.A COMEBACK
aka BACK to the gym time. 
Thank GOD my ankle healed. 

Fitness Friday is Worth the Wait

Waiting for something to heal can be... well frustrating. 
Especially if patience is not something you do easily. 
Like me.

April 3rd I hurt my ankle
And all summer have I have been 
Trying to see when it will be ready for me
to go back to what I love to do.
Which is MOVE.

The truth is if I had started going hard
the way I prefer when I wanted...
I would have reinjured my ankle... AGAIN. 

Low impact is a way of life for me. 
I've twisted and sprained both ankles severely
several times since high school. 
Now I respect my body. 
When rest is what's best for me...
I rest and adjust what and how much I eat. 

Next month when I'm ready to reenter my S.P.A.
aka the gym I will be sure my ankle is ready.
My body will not be at 90 or 95% which increases
the probability of hurting myself again. 

I'm ready to lift and get back on the weights
and walking but I'm thankful to have learned
to listen to and respect my body too. 
Health is the absence of disease or injury. 

Which means loving myself to rest and heal when I need to. 
Part of my fitness regimen is knowing 
healing can't be rushed. 

Transformation Tuesday Sweet on Living Sugar Free

Long time ago in land far, far away in 2000 I stopped eating
well ... a lot of things. 
Candy, sugar, bread, oil, fat, soda, beef and cheese.
Some weren't healthy and some were... 
me and healthy fats must NEVAH PART. 

Today I'm talking about a return to staying away
from one of these things again...
Yes... I'm talking about sugar. 
I've given up eating foods with added sugar... 

 I did not do this in one step...
those sugar withdrawals are REAL...
This May I finished the process... 
and said bye bye processed sugar.
No more candy, no more cake, no pies... 
No more imitation crab meat....
No more packaged lunch meat...

Because processed sugar, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup
Yet beneficial for um NOTHING... 
I get my sugar from fruit. 
I even make my spaghetti sauce from scratch again...
and this time I'm enjoying it over zoodles.
This has been a great lifestyle transformation
with amazing benefits all because I decided 
when it comes to added sugar...

My life has been better since giving up added sugar.
My brain is working great. 
(Thank God... Calculus Methods is a beast!)
I don't have out of control cravings...
and can recognize when I'm hungry or thirsty. 

My skin is GLOWING... I didn't know this would happen.
My menstrual cycle is lighter and CRAMP FREE.
My fingers and toes are no longer swollen with water
at the end of the night... 
I had no idea sugar helped me retain so much water.

Have I lost some weight... prolly.
I don't really do the scale thing 
but my clothes are looser. 
So ready to return to my S.P.A. aka the gym
next month when my ankle is back to 100%.

Am I happy I returned to living life without added sugar
in my food?

Transformation Tuesday Changing Goals From Fit to Healthy

I've posted this pic several times yet it bears repeating.
Even as I recover from wearing hills for half a day I'm 
sad because my ankle hasn't recovered from the sprain fully. 
Truth is in the past I would've tried to push through the pain
and beat up on my body to keep moving past my goals. 

When goal changed from looking a certain way 
to living a healthy lifestyle respecting my body became a priority. 
So when I hurt myself I know waiting to workout is best for longterm health. 
So my Transformation Tuesday is about the benefit of deciding to 
change my goal from being "fit" to being healthy. 

Changing my goal from being fit to living healthy 
encouraged me to stop looking at food as "workout fuel"
or macronutrients and protein to rebuild muscles to get cut or slimdown. 
Eating is what I feed my body. 
My health is a direct result of what I ingest. 
So I eat to have healthy bodily functions...
I eat to have energy and be productive in life not just the gym. 

So while I'm not seeing physical changes as fast
and may or may not ever look like the majority of "Fitness" 
experts online. 
I don't care... because my numbers are all great and I'm healthy. 
For me that is the goal.