Transformation Tuesday Changing Goals From Fit to Healthy

I've posted this pic several times yet it bears repeating.
Even as I recover from wearing hills for half a day I'm 
sad because my ankle hasn't recovered from the sprain fully. 
Truth is in the past I would've tried to push through the pain
and beat up on my body to keep moving past my goals. 

When goal changed from looking a certain way 
to living a healthy lifestyle respecting my body became a priority. 
So when I hurt myself I know waiting to workout is best for longterm health. 
So my Transformation Tuesday is about the benefit of deciding to 
change my goal from being "fit" to being healthy. 

Changing my goal from being fit to living healthy 
encouraged me to stop looking at food as "workout fuel"
or macronutrients and protein to rebuild muscles to get cut or slimdown. 
Eating is what I feed my body. 
My health is a direct result of what I ingest. 
So I eat to have healthy bodily functions...
I eat to have energy and be productive in life not just the gym. 

So while I'm not seeing physical changes as fast
and may or may not ever look like the majority of "Fitness" 
experts online. 
I don't care... because my numbers are all great and I'm healthy. 
For me that is the goal. 

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