Transformation Tuesday Living La Vida Elliptical

My current max weights are not a surprise...
I've lost a good bit of my gains in upper body
but of course my lower body is still strong.
And it's Tuesday which is a cardiovascular day. 

Studying to complete my undergraduate degree
Freelancing in marketing and communications
and writing books means I sit down more than I'd like
Especially when healing from an ankle re-injury.

Years ago I incorporated ways to stand while I write
But when I'm doing marathon writing sessions
at a tea or coffeehouse... standing isn't an option. 
I'd love for Panera or Starbucks to incorporate 
standing work stations... that would be HAUTE!

Sedentary living increases  many risks of 
several life shortening conditions:
 Type 2 Diabetes
Metabolic Syndrome
(more on this at a later day)
Excessive visceral fat 
Abnormal cholesterol levels
to name a few. 

Recent studies indicate exercising 
at least 60 minutes a day
 combats the increased risk listed above.

This new study reverses the grim diagnosis
of sedentary living cast by previous studying
stating that exercising was useless 
for individuals with sedentary lifestyles or jobs. 

I'm thankful and happy to be back in the gym 
now that my ankle is better. 

Cardio and Strength are back in my rotation
only thing left for me to do now is
reincorporate a flexibility regimen.

How is your healthy living journey going?

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