Going to the Gym and Walking Thru Parks Makes me Want to Carlton

Have you found the fitness habits and lifestyle that make you want to do the Carlton?
If not you may be where I was when I used to attempt to join mix gender group fitness classes.
Going nowhere fast. 

What I learned after twenty years since I graduated high school is I still love weight training
and I always will as my form of strength training. 
Walking outside in fall or spring weather and on an elliptical
(You can KEEP your treadmill thank you) 
is my cardiovascular happiness. Elliptical is preferred because then I can read while I walk.

So yes I am absolutely ECSTATIC when I walk for cardio
and super PUMPED (pun intended) when I am pushing weight. 
Although I don't enjoy most mixed group fitness classes I do love 
dancing and will get down in a safe Flirty Girl or other fitness group class 
that is NOT Zumba... just not nor have I ever been a Zumba fan. 

One of the areas I have to work to incorporate into my exercise is flexibility.
Pilates is my preference for this but I am slowly coming around to hoping I'll be enjoying yoga DVDs in the privacy of my home of course.  I'll let you know how this works. 
Have you ever wanted to find the activity you can stick with for overall health?

Get out there and try things out. 
Find out of you're an introvert or an extrovert. 
Discover what you'd do for hours that makes you sweat and feel exhilarated?
Despite countless injuries, financial hiccups, time constraints, life challenges, family reconstructions
and every other obstacle I never imagined the one thing I've never done is stop desiring to live a healthy lifestyle. 

And neither should you. Don't worry about losing the weight... focus on adding good healthy habits, a better quality of life and caring for yourself to your priority list one healthy decision at a time. 

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