February: No Calories Before Bedtime Challenge

Last month we worked on sleeping at least 7 hours a night. This month we work on cutting out calories before bedtime. Some experts say what time you eat doesn't matter as long as you don't exceed a certain calorie count. Other experts say you shouldn't be eating before bed

One thing the studies show is those who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight tend to eat late at night. While the debate about whether eating late at night causes weight gain or if people who are overweight just like to eat late nights. This month we want to work on not eating within three hours of our bedtime.  

One size doesn't fit all so the reason one person eats late isn't the same reason the next person is eating late. Source the reason for your late night nibbling could be boredom, stress, or not eating enough during the day. Once you realize why you're eating late a remedy can be found to stop. 

Here are a few articles with some helpful tips on finding out why you're eating late and how to stop: 


January Challenge MidPoint Check In

One thing I learned after 25 years of dieting, gym memberships, exercise DVDs, and workout programs with numerous gurus (Cathe Friedrich is one of my faves) one thing I learned is if you don't sleep you won't see expected results. You can lift all the weights in the world. You can eat nothing but peas, carrots, and lima beans. If you do not get the proper amount of rest you'll be missing a key component to overall health.

January's challenge is all about learning how much sleep is optimal for you. Now if before this challenge you are already sleeping an average 7 to 8 hours a night, KUDOS! Keep doing that. How can you take your sleeping habits to the next level?

You might want to focus on improving the quality of your sleep. Not getting enough rest has been researched and proven to common contributor to less than optimal health. Our entire goal for My Haute Health is to learn how to change one pivotal habit at a time, this month our focus is sleep. If you're lying in bed for the necessary time but not enjoying a good night's rest, focus on healthy sleep habits before you climb into bed the rest of January.

Check out these sleep hygiene habits from the experts on how to improve your sleep.

America Academy of Sleep Medicine (This is an actual thing)

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January Challenge Chiggity Check Yo Self

Challenge one is to be aware of how many hours you sleep on average per night.
Not when you lay in the bed... but how many hours after you turn off everything and close your eyes until you open them to begin your day.
For health, restoration, and optimal living you should receive no less than 6 hours of sleep per night.

So this first week we're going to track how many hours you sleep.
Yes, that is it. The entire challenge for week one.

Working out and eating healthy are imperative to being healthy. Before we begin moving more, stretching and eating even healthier than we do today, let's make a conscious effort to sleep at least seven hours a night four days in week Two. Yes, that is the entire challenge for week two. 
If you're already sleeping at least seven hours through the night, you're ahead of the game.

Building positive habits is a journey. Healthy living is journey. This week we're going to sleep for a minimum of seven hours for at least four days, and stop eating three hours before we go to sleep. 
The importance of healthy sleeping habits will help with not only weight loss but cognitive reasoning, overall mood, and productivity. 

This is our last week building new healthy sleeping habits. If you haven't completed four nights of sleeping at least seven hours, this is it. Give yourself time and space to create a healthy sleeping environment. Studies show using electronic devices such as tablets, computers, laptops, and smartphones keep your brain too active to enter into restful sleep. Plan to turn off these devices at least thirty minutes if possible an hour before you plan to go to sleep. 
If reading is part of your bedtime routine, consider using an e-ink ebook reader or print options. 
Finish this month strong by sleeping seven hours a night for no less than 4 nights this week, and no food for three hours before you go to bed each night. 
Next month we tackle turning on your metabolism each day aka 

Here's to healthy living. Healthy is the new HAUTE!