January Challenge MidPoint Check In

One thing I learned after 25 years of dieting, gym memberships, exercise DVDs, and workout programs with numerous gurus (Cathe Friedrich is one of my faves) one thing I learned is if you don't sleep you won't see expected results. You can lift all the weights in the world. You can eat nothing but peas, carrots, and lima beans. If you do not get the proper amount of rest you'll be missing a key component to overall health.

January's challenge is all about learning how much sleep is optimal for you. Now if before this challenge you are already sleeping an average 7 to 8 hours a night, KUDOS! Keep doing that. How can you take your sleeping habits to the next level?

You might want to focus on improving the quality of your sleep. Not getting enough rest has been researched and proven to common contributor to less than optimal health. Our entire goal for My Haute Health is to learn how to change one pivotal habit at a time, this month our focus is sleep. If you're lying in bed for the necessary time but not enjoying a good night's rest, focus on healthy sleep habits before you climb into bed the rest of January.

Check out these sleep hygiene habits from the experts on how to improve your sleep.

America Academy of Sleep Medicine (This is an actual thing)

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