February: No Calories Before Bedtime Challenge

Last month we worked on sleeping at least 7 hours a night. This month we work on cutting out calories before bedtime. Some experts say what time you eat doesn't matter as long as you don't exceed a certain calorie count. Other experts say you shouldn't be eating before bed

One thing the studies show is those who struggle with maintaining a healthy weight tend to eat late at night. While the debate about whether eating late at night causes weight gain or if people who are overweight just like to eat late nights. This month we want to work on not eating within three hours of our bedtime.  

One size doesn't fit all so the reason one person eats late isn't the same reason the next person is eating late. Source the reason for your late night nibbling could be boredom, stress, or not eating enough during the day. Once you realize why you're eating late a remedy can be found to stop. 

Here are a few articles with some helpful tips on finding out why you're eating late and how to stop: 


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